Business Ethics

PURPOSE: The Core Values of Veteran General Contracting, business activities & divisions include an unwavering commitment to Integrity and Ethics. This Core Value must guide the conduct of all VGC directors, officers, employees, representatives and labors in their business dealings and working activities. This Policy reaffirms Veteran’s commitment to comply with all applicable laws and be governed by the highest level of business ethics. While this Policy describes general principles of legal and ethical conduct, it does not address every legal or ethical issue that Veteran director, officer, employee, representative or labors may face. Each person must exercise good judgment to act within the spirit, as well as the letter, of this Policy, and should seek guidance from others where necessary to follow an appropriate course of conduct.

STATEMENT OF POLICY: Each director, officer, employee representative and labor of Veteran, shall act in accordance with the highest level of business ethics and in accordance with applicable law. Each director, officer, employee and other representative of Veteran has a duty to report suspected wrongdoing. Veteran General Contracting will not tolerate any retaliation or threats of retaliation against anyone who reports in good faith a violation or suspected violation of this Policy, any other Veteran policy covered by the principles set forth in this Policy or applicable law.

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