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Business Ethics

Core Value

Veteran General Contracting was built on an unwavering commitment to integrity and ethics. This core value is the beacon that guides all the company executives, officers, representatives, delegates, and workers in every business dealing and work task.


As an industry leader, we are bound by responsibility to our valued clients, our employees, and to the communities we serve. We believe in operating with an environmental responsibility which includes limiting and reducing the use of paper and plastics and recycling waste.


One of the cornerstones of our continued success is the trust we build with our clients and employees. Without trust, there can be no teamwork. Without teamwork, there can be no success in business. We keep our promises—to our employees, partners, and stakeholders. Trust is not easy to come by, that is why we work diligently to maintain and build upon that foundation.


We believe businesses should be able to focus on their business goals, not on the day-to-day of facility maintenance. A reliable facilities partner gives businesses that flexibility. We clear any obstacles, and tackle any facilities issues before the start. Our ability to anticipate bottlenecks before they appear is where our reliability stems from, and it is what our clients have come to expect.


Our morality is reflected in our willingness to do the right thing – even if it is hard. Ethics are moral values in action. Being ethical is imperative because morality protects business relationships, and acts as a foundational trust builder.


Each Director, Officer, Employee Representative, labor and worker of Veteran shall act in accordance with the highest level of business ethics and in accordance with applicable law. Each Director, Officer, Employee and other representative of Veteran has a duty to report suspicious activity to the respective authority without hesitations and delay.


Your report is important to us, and it will be dealt with on a senior level.

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