Health & Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Veteran General Contracting aims to assist landlords of commercial premises in complying with their Health and Safety obligations. We have certain responsibilities towards our clients and other users of the property. This policy sets out the key compliance obligations of our company.

We attend to the following matters, which are mentioned in the Policy:

  • General safety of the premises.
  • The safety and security of the premises we are providing services in.
  • The electrical safety of the main circuit i.e. the sockets and lighting.
  • Fire Alarm – primarily in the common areas, but making sure that all fire, smoke detection devices are well covering the locations and working properly by testing & commissioning in a periodical schedule with a very special and professional equipment.
  • Fire Protection – primarily in the common areas, but making sure that all areas have adequate fire detection in place and that it is working properly and valid.
  • Water safety – avoiding conditions that could cause bacteria and diseases that can be harmful to the health.

In Veteran General Contracting, we always research and look forward to hear from other incident experiences in order to add it to our knowledge and policies to avoid future unexpected incidents and to empower our policy and labor experience in these kinds of circumstances.

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